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2014 SERA17 Annual Meeting July 22 – 25 Des Moines, Iowa

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SSSA Session: Organic P in soil and water systems: Quantification, bioavailability, fate, and transport

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The Soil and Environmental Quality Division of SSSA (S11) is sponsoring an organic P session at this year’s ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting.  We are lucky to have Barbara Cade-Menun presiding the session and leading off the with a presentation.   The session description is below and you can submit at this link: Early bird abstract deadline is 5/22 and the deadline is 6/6.

Historically, inorganic phosphorus has been the focus of much of the research addressing agronomic and environmental aspects of phosphorus.  However, dynamics of soil organic P (Po) are vitally important for sustainable crop production and maintaining water quality.  Research is needed to develop and apply novel analytical methods and modeling to better identify, quantify, and predict Po forms in soil-water systems.  A better understanding of Po could lead to further reduction of unneeded P inputs to cropland, a decrease in P loss risk, and increase P use efficiency.

A Protocol for Conducting Rainfall Simulation to Study … | Protocol

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A Protocol for Conducting Rainfall Simulation to Study … | Protocol.

SERA17 2014 Meeting

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Des Moines, Iowa! Heart of the Heartland! July 23, 24, and 25, 2014


  • SERA17 is

    the Southern Extension and Research Activity (SERA) - 17; an Information Exchange Group (IEG) administered through the Southern Region Land Grant Universities, and is composed of research scientists, policy makers, extension personnel, and educators. Our mission is to develop and promote innovative solutions to minimize phosphorus losses from agriculture by supporting: information exchange between research, extension, and regulatory communities; recommendations for phosphorus management and research; and initiatives that address phosphorus loss in agriculture.
  • SERA17 was formed to

    - develop an interdisciplinary approach to identify P sensitive watersheds and water bodies; expanding and improving upon the Phosphorus Index site assessment tool. - develop best management practices (BMPs) to reduce agricultural P losses to surface waters by erosion and runoff (surface and subsurface). - develop an animal manure application strategy based on both P and N. - develop upper, environmentally-based, critical limits for soil test P and new soil testing methods that can more accurately identify sites where P loss will be of significant environmental concern.