Reference Publications

Technical Guidance for Assessing P Indices
Bulletin 417
January, 2013

Revision of the 590 Nutrient Management Standard:
SERA-17 Recommendations
January, 2011

Revision of the 590 Nutrient Management Standard:
Supporting Documentation
January, 2011

Agricultural Phosphorus and Eutrophication
A Procedure to Estimate the Response of Aquatic Systems to Changes in Phosphorus and Nitrogen Inputs

Best Management Practices to Minimize Phosphorus Impacts on Water Quality
July, 2006

Soil Phosphorus Levels: Concerns and Recommendations
Soil Testing for Manure Management
Recommended Methods for Manure Analysis
Phosphorus Threshold Study
National P Research Project Protocols (Rev.)

24 Feb., 2011
Organization to Minimize Phosphorus Losses from Agriculture

BMP Workgroup Publications

This series of thirty-two best management practice (BMP) factsheets was developed by members of SERA 17. The BMPs described in these factsheets can broadly be divided into three groups: (1) BMPs that have an impact on the type or source of phosphorus (Source BMPs),
(2) BMPs that affect the transport of phosphorus (Transport BMPs), and
(3) BMPs that have an impact on both the source and transport of phosphorus (Source and Transport BMPs). The list of topics in this series will continue to expand, as new research and technologies demonstrate further possible reductions in phosphorus losses

Barnyard/Feedlot Runoff Management
Composting Effects on Phosphorus Availability in Animal Manures
Conservation Tillage and Crop Residue Management
Constructed Treatment Wetlands
Cover Crops
Dietary Phosphorus Levels for Dairy Cows
Dietary Phytase to Reduce Phosphorus Losses from Animal Manure
Drainage Ditch Management
Erosion Control Systems
Filter Strips
Grassed Waterways
Grazing Management
Lake and Pond Treatment by Nutrient Inactivation
Management of Spray Fields
Manure Spreader Calibration
Manure Testing
Milkhouse Filters
Phosphorus Balance
Phosphorus Sources, Application Timing, and Methods
Physical Manure Treatment (Solids Separation)
Phosphorus Loss with Surface Irrigation
Reducing Urban Phosphorus Runoff from Lawns
Riparian Zones
Septic Field Drain Design and Maintenance
Soil Testing
Streambank and Shoreline Protection
Strip Cropping
Treating Poultry Litter with Aluminum Sulfate (Alum)
Treating Swine Manure with Aluminum Chloride
Tailwater Recovery
Vegetative Mining




Policy Workgroup Publications

Predicting Edge of Field P Losses - Modeling and Monitoring
Comparing Methods of P Analysis- ICP and Spectroscopy
Soil Sampling Depth for P Assessments
The P Site Index as a P Loss Assessment Tool
Soil Phosphorus Threshold Levels